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Shipping, Explained

Posted by Z on Sep 23rd 2020

Our Shipping Options, Explained

All used OEM Mercedes parts and new OEM Mercedes parts ship to you from our location in Oregon. All new aftermarket parts for your Mercedes-Benz are shipped to you directly from our aftermarket parts suppliers' warehouses, from whichever locations are closest to your delivery address and stock the needed parts. For international customers, we have the aftermarket parts sent to our location in Oregon, and then we ship them to you from Oregon.

For our domestic customers shipping to address inside the United States, we have multiple options on our website, depending on the size of the parcel and from where it is shipping. 

1. US Postal Service First Class Mail is the "economy" option for light parcels under 15 ounces. They can be transported by air or by ground, and can take up to a week to cross the country. 

2. US Postal Service Priority Mail includes advanced tracking and $50 insurance with postage. It is transported via air and boasts 2 to 3 day delivery time anywhere in the U.S., although we have seen additional delays of 1 to 3 days due to the pandemic, and weather incidents. 

3. FedEx Ground delivers to businesses via ground transport, FedEx Home Delivery delivers to residential addresses via ground transport. Since we are located on the west coast, if you live on the east coast, then parcels can take 7 to 10 days to reach your destination via FedEx. FedEx packages are always insured up to $100. On higher value packages, we add signature confirmation for delivery. 

4. For large objects, you will see "LTL Freight" as one of your shipping options. This means "Less than Truck Load" Freight and means that we will package your order onto a pallet and have it picked up by a freight company like YRC, Estes, or Old Dominion. Our website has been undercharging for freight calculations, so please be aware that for freight purchases like a fender or a hood, we will be contacting you for additional payment once we know the precise amount we need to ship the part to you.

For our International Customers, we have exciting new shipping options. 

For many years we have had limited access to low-cost international shipping rates for our customers outside of the United States. It's been very frustrating for us and expensive for you!

This year with the launch of our new website, we have partnered with an international shipping consolidation company called Flavor Cloud (yes, it is a strange name for a shipping company!). 

Through Flavor Cloud, we are able to ship for very low cost using private express air couriers like DHL Express and FedEx Express, for rates we previously could only have dreamed of. 

Options for international deliveries are:

1. US Postal Service Priority Mail International: This was our go-to option for most international deliveries until the pandemic seemed to hit most of the world's post offices especially hard. Priority Mail international includes tracking outside the U.S. and $200 of insurance, but we have noticed in 2020 that many things have been getting lost and rerouted. Parcels sent via the US Postal Service are transferred to the custody of your country's postal service for final delivery to your address. If your country's post office is not very well organized or has been erratic this year, we do NOT recommend using USPS Priority Mail International.

2. For small parcels, our site may offer you USPS First Class mail. Do not select this. We do NOT recommend using first class mail international. It does not offer tracking services outside the U.S. and does not have any insurance. If it gets lost, it's just lost, and no one is accountable for it.

3. FC Express: This is the best! Winner! I highly suggest that ALL international orders be shipped through FC Express. It will be delivered to your address by DHL Express or FedEx Express, or another private courier, within a week or two of the date of shipment. 

4. FC Standard: For some packages, this will be the lowest cost option presented to you. This is an extra-consolidated service which can take up to 4 to 6 weeks to be delivered. Coordination is handled by a private shipping company, usually APC Postal Logistics. If you don't need the part on any particular timeline, and you want the lowest cost of shipping, this is the one for you. 

5. FedEx Express international: These rates are calculated using our company's FedEx account and honestly, is a little superfluous to be listed as an option on our site. This option is mostly used by our Canadian customers, but you'll often see a better rate from FC Express, which will result in the same shipping time and service experience on your end.

Why don't you offer free shipping?

The main reason is that we sell a wide variety of products, from tiny clips and plugs to engines and body panels. The rates for these vary widely and cannot be packaged together into a simple algorithm the way that other types of products can. In addition, as we are on the west coast of the US, rates change dramatically based on distance from our location. If we charged a flat shipping rate, that means our customers who happen to live closer to us would end up paying more than they need to for parts and shipping.

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