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How to Identify My Classic Mercedes Chassis?

If you'd like to know Mercedes chassis number of your car and you're not sure how to find it, then you've come to the right place. Classic Mercedes-Benz parts and technical information are best organized by the chassis code, and these 3-digit and 6-digit numbers can tell a lot about your vehicle.

The first three digits of the chassis code will indicate the general chassis designation, with an added letter (usually 'W') at the beginning, such as 'W123'.
The second three digits indicate the model series--a combination of the body-style, engine and sometimes additional options.
For example, if your chassis code is '123.193' then that would indicate that you have a W123 Mercedes-Benz 300TD wagon with an OM617 turbo-diesel engine. Or, if it is '113.044' then you have a W113 280SL Roadster Convertible with M130 Six-cylinder fuel-injected engine.
So, how do you know what chassis is yours?

1980 and older vehicles, or outside of the USA: the first six digits of your VIN will also be your chassis code. This is the easiest and most reliable method of identifying your vehicle chassis.

VIN Lookup: In 1981, VIN's for vehicles sold in the United States were standardized, and the 14-digit Mercedes-Benz VIN was no longer supported. However, you can use a VIN lookup tool or when you send us your parts request you can also include your VIN and we will look it up for you. We can also help obtain a complete data card for your vehicle, although older classic Mercedes models may require a $150 fee.

Body Tag: Most classic Mercedes have metal data tags both on the driver's door frame, and on or near the radiator core support. These will have the chassis number and often the full VIN. Engines will usually have a similar tag that will identify the complete or 6-digit engine code.
Standard Mercedes passenger vehicle chassis codes start with a '1' and G-Class 4x4 vehicles start with a '4'. Sprinters, vans, and commercial vehicles have other start codes. Note that gas engine codes also start with a '1' and some have the same three digit numbers as some of the vehicle chassis codes. For this reason, when you are relying on a six-digit code from a body tag, we recommend visual identification in addition.

Visual Identification: This is the most common method of identification of the chassis designation of your classic Mercedes. Below are images of each major type of classic Mercedes-Benz chassis, with some that are very similar grouped together. Each of these images links to the parts categorization in our online store.

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