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Why sell your Classic Mercedes-Benz on MBZ Parts?
When you list your car with us, this isn't just another classified ad--we put ourselves to work selling your car.
Your vehicle listing will reach a wide audience
MBZ Parts has over 12,000 subscribers via our newsletter and social media, and our websites draw in over 10,000 visits per month. That's a lot of potential reach, and all of these are within the target market for your Classic Mercedes-Benz.

All packages include a listing duration of six months listing.
Autotrader, eBay, & Craigslist Packages only include 30 days of listings. While that may work out ok if you're looking for quick cash from a local buyer, many Classic Mercedes-Benz cars are getting harder to find in good condition and are sought after by collectors. Listing on our specialty site for a longer duration will help you sell your car for what it's worth.

We have three different packages that you can choose from. Each of these are 30% off when you list three cars or more.

Basic Package - $85 sale price only $45
Edit Listing for Search Engine Optimization
Submitted to Search Engines
10 Photos

Standard Package - $195 sale price only $125
Edit Listing for Search Engine Optimization
Submitted to Search Engines
Feature in our Newsletter
Post in our Blog
CarFax Report
20 Photos

Premium Package - $325 sale price only $250
Advanced Search Engine Optimization
Submitted to Search Engines
Feature in our Newsletter
Post in our Blog
CarFax Report
Promoted on our Website
Paid Ads Sent to Google, Facebook and other locations
30 Photos

After purchase, we will send you a form requesting a description of your vehicle along with some specific questions that potential buyers tend to ask.
This will help minimize the work you'll have to do with inquiries and also increase traffic to your posting.
We will then post your description and the photos that you send on our site. The listing will begin the day of the posting.
We will forward all inquiries from potential buyers to you and you will arrange purchase.

Taking Payment
You are welcome to set payment terms however you wish. It is your responsibility to research payment methods and decide your terms. Keep in mind that many buyers prefer to make electronic payments, and thus we advise that you offer a digital payment method such as Paypal, Venmo, or Zelle.

Your buyer is responsible for shipping the vehicle if they are outside of your local area. You may want to offer options, however, to ease their purchase. We recommend UShip for ground shipping in North America and WC Shipping for international buyers.

If your vehicle will need repair work, please let the buyer know that we offer repair and restoration services in Oregon and California to customers all over the country. We can provide repair estimate for serious inquiries.

You agree to provide as much accurate information about the vehicle as possible, and to not misrepresent any part of the vehicle's history, mileage or physical condition. We may be able to offer inspection service by a qualified technician at an additional cost if you are on the west coast. Contact us for more information.

Additional Terms & Conditions
Other Avenues: You are welcome to sell your vehicle via any other website, advertising service, or method which you may choose. We do not claim exclusivity.

Carfax report: will be sent to you directly when included in your package. We will advertise on your listing that this report is included, but you will need to provide it to customers on demand.
Local laws: you must abide by all state and local laws regarding vehicle sales. We cannot provide any legal advice or support.
Quantity Limitation: All sellers are limited to five vehicle listings per calendar year, except for licensed dealerships.
Ownership: You must be the legal owner of the vehicle your are listing for sale or an authorized representative of the legal owner. You must have the vehicle title and offer a DMV Bill of Sale to the buyer as well.

To start listing your vehicle, purchase the listing fee here.
As we begin to roll out this program, we're offering special discounted rates on all packages.

Need help? For assistance please Contact Us.
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