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1963 190D "Fintail"

Posted by Matthew E. on Oct 6th 2020

1963 190D "Fintail"

Cars In The Yard: 1963 190Dc "Fintail"

This week, we are spotlighting this 1963 190D fintail here at our dismantling facility in Merlin, Oregon. This particular car was purchased at our local Mercedes-Benz dealership in 1963, and had been under the care of its original owners until making its final journey to our salvage yard last week. It had been a parts car for many years for the owners' second 190D fintail which still runs and drives today. 

The W110 "Heckflosse" was introduced in 1961 as the mid-sized entry-level sedan by Mercedes-Benz. It came in 2 generations regarding styling and engine variations including 190C, 190Dc, 200, 200D, and 230. With over 600,000 units produced during the lifespan of the W110 chassis, many of the parts found on this 190Dc can be interchanged and contribute to many other successful W110, W111, W112, W108, and W113 projects internationally.  This  example has plenty of remaining OEM Mercedes-Benz parts that are no longer in circulation, let us know your special parts request and we will certainly contribute in any way possible.

Keeping classic Mercedes-Benz roadworthy is apart of our company DNA. We can supply either genuine OEM used, new, or aftermarket and we encourage you to check out our online catalog MBZPARTS.COM which now offers express checkout options.

Fun Fact: An estate (wagon) car version of the W110 230S four-cylinder-engined car was introduced in 1965 and achieved modest success in certain markets including Germany, Belgium, and the UK.

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