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Invest in the Future of Classic Mercedes

Parts availability is the lifeblood of any restoration project, but shopping for parts for classic cars is often challenging.

MBZ Parts is here to modernize the Classic Mercedes Parts Industry, preserving a future for these beloved vehicles.
We're offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to join us as we take the business to its full potential.

We bring the following:

  • 8 years in business
  • New website launched in March with sales that have nearly doubled this year
  • A passionate and loyal customer base
  • Our supply chain is diverse and already secured
  • A knowledgeable team ready to train new hires
  • A founder and CEO with 21 years ecommerce experience, 17 years of experience as an entrepreneur, and 14 years hands-on experience with Classic Mercedes vehicles

This industry has reached a critical juncture. Technology and the pandemic have pushed ecommerce to the forefront of retail shopping at a time when key players in the industry are dropping out. Parts for early classics have become increasingly rare, and young classics like the W123 have begun their transition from DIY daily-drivers to targets for complete restorations—increasing the retail value of parts for those vehicles.
MBZ Parts is poised to take the reins, and we're looking for accredited investors to partner with us in our upcoming expansion.
We purchased a large collection of inventory to propel us forward and now we are seeking additional equity partners.

    Our Six Steps to Success:
    1. Establish our new headquarters in Southern California
    2. Become the #1 local reseller for Classic MB Parts
    3. Complete development of our custom catalog & software
    4. Fully digitize our entire product line
    5. Become the #1 ecommerce site for Classic MB Parts in the US
    6. Begin our International expansion

 Interested in being a part of our success? Click here to get started and we will contact you soon. While our current offering is only open to accredited investors, we may have other opportunities in the future.


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