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Classic Mercedes-Benz Investment Opportunity

If you love classic cars and you're seeking an opportunity to invest in something that you’re passionate about, then look no further. While the values of particular vehicles are tied to subjective trends, the parts side of the classic car industry is much more financially stable. As an ever-increasing portion of retail sales take place online, the auto parts industry has been slow to catch up with the trend, with classic car parts even further behind. ReInvent The Wheel is here to bring the world of classic car parts into the modern world of ecommerce, offering a user-friendly online shopping experience, excellent customer service, and a proprietary database software system that eases the challenges of developing a digital catalog of parts made for cars before computers existed. Business founder and sole owner Sheila Heaney brings over 20 years of ecommerce experience to the table. MBZ Parts is where it all begins—a niche auto parts business specializing in classic Mercedes-Benz parts.

Entering its ninth year in business, MBZ Parts is about to begin a new leg of our journey, as we make strides towards being the global industry leader in Classic Mercedes parts. We have purchased 10,000sf of additional salvage inventory that includes a large amount of older and very rare parts (watch a video tour here). In spring of 2021 we will be moving this inventory into a warehouse east of Los Angeles that will become our new headquarters.

This new location, in the classic car capital of the western hemisphere, will provide instant access to a large pool of reliable customers—repair shops—in addition to bringing us into the spotlight via abundant opportunities for networking and marketing, with a large and comprehensive inventory as the key for customer acquisition and retention.

The Classic Mercedes parts industry has reached a critical juncture. Technology and the pandemic have pushed e-commerce into the forefront of retail shopping at a time when key players in the industry are dropping out. Parts for early classics have become increasingly rare and young classics like the W123 have begun their transition from DIY daily-drivers to targets for complete restorations—increasing the retail value of parts for those vehicles.

MBZ Parts plans to secure our position as the #1 seller of parts for classic Mercedes-Benz vehicles in the United States over the next two years, and then begin our international expansion. With the launch of our new website in March of 2020 we created a more user-friendly shopping experience that has increased sales, and now have a more versatile back-end that allows for exponential expansion.

Our plan for success is as follows:

-Make large additions of used parts to our inventory and secure a consistent resupply chain.

-Complete development of our custom database in order to vastly increase the efficiency of adding new products and managing our catalog.

-Build relationships with repair shops and industry movers in Southern California.

-Expand our catalog of new parts and establish a foothold in the competitive aftermarket parts industry.

To accomplish these goals, and to establish our new headquarters, I am offering an opportunity to join in our first-ever equity offering. Equity investment is open only to accredited investors at this time, though additional opportunities may be available in the future. Sign up using the form below to get more information as it becomes available.

Industry Collaborators

In addition to investors, I am also seeking collaborators with experience in business management, and in the classic car and Mercedes-Benz worlds who are interested in becoming part of our team as we grow. We will need board members and executive officers later, and there's potential to serve on an advisory board in the meantime. I’m looking for people interested in those roles who want to get involved now.


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